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The FIGHT Inspirational CD
This powerful inspirational CD is just what you need to keep you encouraged on your journey to a life filled of purpose, passion and discovery. 
The FIGHT Book
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Get your Pre-Order in now!! Have you ever been faced with challenges, obstacles that appeared to be greater than your ability to handle? Every day you have a choice to stand in your truth and fight for the life that you deserve. 
Join Latricia as she takes you on a journey down the road to new life, love and joy! In this book you will learn how to overcome the barriers that have been blocking you along the road to your destiny. Get ready to unlock the power that's inside of you, and live your life like a CHAMPION. 
New Release Date: 10/30/16
 Are your ready to take bold steps into your next BIG thing? If your ready to advance your life, career or business--then your ready for the VIP Experience. 
Then It's Time To Invest In Yourself. If your an entrepreneur, it's time to open your business and increase your earning potential.  

Your Dreams Are Worth It and Greatness Requires It!!
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