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Note To Self

by Latricia Chisholm on 08/05/16

There will come a time in your life when you will have to encourage yourself. It will be a moment when you feel alone and in need of a reminder that the journey is all going to be worth it. 

Today I reflected on a note that I wrote in my journal a couple of years ago, the joy of my own words overwhelmed me. It was as if when I wrote these words I knew that I would one day need them to stay focused and committed to the dreams that I've been working towards. The truth is, I want to share these simple words with you--my you be reminded that your best life is coming and if you can't find the words I want to share mine with you. 

Dear Me, 

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much you are valued, loved and appreciated. Let these words encourage you when no one else in around to acknowledge the work, labor of love and sacrifice.  

Always remember that you are on an amazing journey, let nothing stand in your way of achieving excellence! Dream BIG and Aim High, all things are possible to them that believe.

As you move forward take everything as a lesson to be learned (get it right the first time). You will never forget this place and our morning meditation with God. Look at all that you've accomplished in such a short time- your portfolio is looking better already, you’ve learned how to deal with multiple personalities, loss relationships, rejection, tremendous victories, new possibility and experienced the pressure of meeting the deadlines despite the challenges and the list goes on. 

There were some amazing obstacles to overcome, and you did just that. Don’t live with regret; find peace in knowing that your steps are order and INTEGRITY AND CHARACTER are proven by our response to a situation.

Girl--hold tight to the power of influence and the confidence that comes from asking the right people the right questions! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. My most trusted advice is this life-long lesson, STAY FOCUSED! When you put your mind to something, there is no stopping you—the secret to your own success is connected to it. 

My prayers for your promising future, stay in touch and connected—God’s plan for you is greater than you can imagine.  

Love Me!

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